Tier 3 - Battlegrounds Enterprise

Tier 3 - Battlegrounds Enterprise

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 Tier 3 - Battlegrounds Enterprise Details

Battlegrounds Enterprise was created for organizations that will have multiple students in Battlegrounds at the same time. This tier has unlimited access to all scenarios and wildcard labs, class packs if the professional has taken the associated courses, and our exclusive “Cobalt Strike for Cyber Operations” course.


In addition to our instructor reach back and 24/7 access, enhanced features such as team environment sharing, file upload, and virtual admin access (to log into environment VMs directly) will be included. The Enterprise tier is available in 90, 180, and 365 day subscriptions.  


The following discounts are reflected in the price above based on the Battlegrounds duration selected:

  • 90-Day subscriptions = 7% off
  • 180-Day subscriptions = 10% off
  • 365-Day subscriptions = 15% off

After purchase of this Battlegrounds offering, a k>fivefour representative will contact you to coordinate Battlegrounds account creation.