Our Vision

We at k>fivefour want to provide cybersecurity-minded individuals a training structure that teaches not only critical skill sets but also facilitates hands-on instruction both during and after instructional periods. We believe we can empower these individuals to be better trained and prepared for their work in the cybersecurity field and give potential employers a level of confidence in their technical skill sets and aptitude. k>fivefour operates on the principle that all training curriculum and instruction should be developed and taught by experts in the appropriate field to ensure training remains relevant to the current challenges faced in the cyber domain.


Hands down this was the best Red Team Operator training course I've attended. The hands-on labs were the best I've encountered yet and the instructors were prompt and extremely helpful.

The hands-on labs helped me develop a new skill instead of just building awareness/knowledge like typically I experience in other security courses.

This training course was an extremely helpful introduction to red team concepts and I'm leaving here confident I can hop on keyboard and assist my team with ops.

The Red Team Apprenticeship course exceeded my expectations. The instructor clearly had relevant, hands on experience and was able to teach in an understandable way. The hands-on labs really helped solidify the topics covered and I feel confident I can take the knowledge gained and apply it to my current job.