Tier 2 - Battlegrounds Professional

Tier 2 - Battlegrounds Professional

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 Tier 2 - Battlegrounds Professional Details

Battlegrounds professional is geared towards industry professionals that need longer, continuous access to a training platform, but do not require the ability to collaborate across a team.


It will feature 4 scenarios (rotated annually), class lab environments (if the individual has taken the associated course), and all available wildcards labs. 


This tier will also have access to our exclusive "Cobalt Strike for Cyber Operations” course. Instructor reach back and 24/7 access will continue to be included in the subscription.


The Professional tier is available in 30, 90, 180, and 365 day subscriptions.  


The following discounts are reflected in the price above based on the Battlegrounds duration selected:

  • 7-day subscriptions = Customers may only activate this option once per month
  • 90-Day subscriptions = 7% off
  • 180-Day subscriptions = 10% off
  • 365-Day subscriptions = 15% off

After purchase of this Battlegrounds offering, a k>fivefour representative will contact you to coordinate Battlegrounds account creation.