Apprentice Certification Retest Voucher

Apprentice Certification Retest Voucher

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Apprentice Certification Retest Voucher

Users may purchase a certification retest voucher, or they may also bundle a week of Tier 2 Battlegrounds "Professional" access with that voucher. Bundling Battlegrounds "Professional" access would allow students to practice in the Apprentice Course lab environment for a week, before attempting the test.

2023 Retest dates are:

  • 12-13 Jun
  • 24-25 Jul
  • 7-8 Aug
  • 18-19 Sep
  • 10-11 Oct
  • 14-15 Nov
  • 18-19 Dec

    After purchase of this item, a k>fivefour representative will contact you to coordinate delivery of your unique retest voucher. This voucher expires 1 year from date of delivery.