Red Team Journeyman Course (RTJC) - Voucher

Red Team Journeyman Course (RTJC) - Voucher

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This class is two weeks in length (Monday-Friday for each week)

This exclusive Red Team Journeyman Course is the second course in a three-course series. Students must obtain the Red Team Apprentice Operator designation before enrolling in the Red Team Journeyman Course.

This course follows k>fivefour’s attack methodology which mimics the structure of nation-state hackers. Over 8 class days, students are guided through a hands-on, lab driven network attack scenario, utilizing our purpose-built training environment. The course concludes with a practical 2-day hands on certification exam to test the knowledge gained in the course.

Students passing this exam are certified k>fivefour “Red Team Journeyman” operators and receive a certificate and personalized operator identification card.


Students will customize, create, and execute:
• Microsoft Windows COM object hijacks,
• remote code execution exploits,
• webshells,
• C++ hijack DLL’s,
• C# assembly payloads

Students will build, configure, and secure covert infrastructure to hide Red Team communications from suspecting network defenders.

This class will guide students through:
• Windows active directory enumeration,
• privilege escalation,
• domain fortification,
• advanced remote execution,
• advanced user and administrative persistence,
• and domain pivoting

Students will learn to set up customized tunnels to route web and C2 traffic through the environment, encountering various challenges which must be overcome to compromise secured remote systems.

Students will work in Battlegrounds, k>fivefour’s online virtual environment. Battlegrounds is accessible throughout the duration of the class, including nights and weekends, using any modern web browser. Using Battlegrounds, students will work to compromise their individual environment composed of over 30 virtual machine systems arranged into 5 separate networked domains.



It is highly recommended students meet the following pre-requisites:

• Expert mastery of all tactics and techniques taught in the Red Team Apprentice Course, specifically students should be able to upload files, blend files, and create services without delay or error
• Experience using complex command line applications (passing arguments to an application, using help commands, etc)
• Experience with networking and basic understanding of TCP/IP and tunnels
• Basic understanding of programming principles (if statements, variables, etc)

This course voucher can be redeemed for one open seat in a k>fivefour Journeyman Course, and includes a Journeyman certification attempt

After purchasing this voucher, a k>fivefour representative will contact you to coordinate delivery/assignment. This voucher expires 1 year from date of delivery.