Red Team Apprentice Course (RTAC) - Voucher

Red Team Apprentice Course (RTAC) - Voucher

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Students learn and prepare for starting a career emulating nation-state level cyber threats and adversaries. The exclusive Red Team Apprentice Course is the first course in a three-course series. Successful completion of the Red Team Apprentice Course is required before enrolling in the Red Team Journeyman™ Course (RTJC) or the Red Team Master™ Course (RTMC).

In the Red Team Apprentice Course, students learn how adversaries accomplish high-profile attacks. The course is continuously updated and built around the most recent intelligence on nation-state level cyber-attacks and adversaries found in open source, industry threat reports.

This course follows an attack methodology that mimics the structure of nation-state hackers. Students learn over 5 days in a guided, hands-on lab driven network attack scenario, utilizing a purpose-built training environment, and each student conducts a Red Team operation against a simulated Microsoft® Windows® domain network. The course concludes with an optional practical certification exam to test the knowledge gained in the course.

The 5-day course agenda covers the following topics:

  • Red Team Apprentice™ Course Foundations
  • Introduction to Red Team Operations
  • Red Team Methodology
  • Mission Preparation
  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Collection and Analysis
  • Active Reconnaissance
  • Target Exploitation
  • Post Exploitation Activities
  • The Accomplishment of Mission Objectives and Review

This course voucher can be redeemed for one open seat in a k>fivefour Apprentice Course, and includes an Apprentice certification attempt

After purchasing this voucher, a k>fivefour representative will contact you to coordinate delivery/assignment. This voucher expires 1 year from date of delivery.