Tier 2 - Battlegrounds Advanced

Tier 2 - Battlegrounds Advanced

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Tier 2 - Battlegrounds Advanced Details

This is the advanced tier of k>fivefour Battlegrounds access and gives students access to “class packs” and five separate virtual scenarios (updated annually). 

-- Class Packs --

This is the perfect option for students who have been through a k>fivefour Red Team Courses and want to continue practicing in the course lab environments or to practice before taking their k>fivefour course certification exam. 

Note: k>fivefour Battlegrounds advanced users wishing to use a specific class pack must have already gone through the appropriate course.

-- Scenario Based Environments --

k>fivefour Battlegrounds advanced users can choose to engage in any of our Red Team assessment scenarios available in k>fivefour Battlegrounds. All of these scenarios contain drastically different virtual environment configurations and require users to leverage knowledge gained in k>fivefour courses to compromise all the domains available.

The following discounts are reflected in the price above based on the Battlegrounds duration selected:

  • 7-day subscriptions = Customers may only activate this option once per month
  • 90-Day subscriptions = 7% off
  • 180-Day subscriptions = 10% off
  • 365-Day subscriptions = 15% off

After purchase of this Battlegrounds offering, a k>fivefour representative will contact you to coordinate Battlegrounds account creation.